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Company size (employees)10 to 49
Type of solutionCloud/SaaS


StrikeReady offers a SaaS product that empowers security analyst(s) with real-time institutional knowledge and worldwide experiences of security analyst for better decision-making and response as they combat threats and transforms their SOC to be leaner, efficient and mature.

StrikeReady has built a Cognitive Security Operations platform that comes along with an intelligent system – CARA (think J.A.R.V.I.S for cyber-security).

The Cognitive Security Operations Platform is designed to optimize, consolidate and operationalize organization’s cyber-security technology stack to maximize its ROI, while the intelligent system, CARA, is designed to [not only] assist, but also empower cyber-security teams, who are overburdened with an endless tally of incidents, alerts, or operational tasks and ever-changing threat landscape.

CARA is the industry’s first Digital Cybersecurity Analyst that can join any team — SOC, Incident Response, Threat Intel, Security Engineering, Red Team, Vulnerability Management, and more — and assist like a security expert. CARA has the ability to analyze, reason, guide and resolve. With CARA, defenders can quickly respond to incidents, proactively defend against emerging threats or operate at lightning speed while performing any security operation centric task. CARA also exposes a conversational interface enabling the defenders converse with it using natural language.

The core capabilities of the product are as follows:
• it optimizes, operationalizes, and consolidates multiple cybersecurity products and improves ROI
• it helps enhance the skill of the defenders while they perform their day to day task as it shares the knowledge and the skills that it has learnt in real-time from intuitional knowledge and practical experiences of defenders across the entire world
• it accelerates the time it takes to perform any task regardless which team the defenders belong to – SOC, Threat Intel, Threat Hunting, Incident Response, Red Team, etc.

To summarize, the Cognitive Security Operations platform and CARA help achieve smarter security.

How we are different

StrikeReady is building a new market category that currently doesn’t exist in cybersecurity. It has proven practical use of AI with an industry’s first digital cybersecurity analyst that can join any team – SOC, IR, Red Team, Vulnerability Management, and others. This technology (CARA) operates using Security Ontology Graph, which has the ability to mimic defender’s reasoning and response capability.

The technology (CARA) learns interactively as the defenders perform their day-to-day task. As of now, CARA has learnt hundreds of skills and it continues to learn new skills.

And last, but not the least, the technology can be accessed via text or voice using natural language vs. commands which makes a security practitioner communicating with CARA feel that they are interacting with another expert security analysts.

StrikeReady’s product is designed to be used by every defender be it a SOC Analyst, an Incident Responder, a Threat Intel analyst, a Threat Hunter, a Red Teamer, a Security Engineer, and more. There are millions of defenders across the world and millions of unfilled cyber-security positions, and these numbers continue to increase every year.

Prior to starting StrikeReady the executive team interviewed over fifty security executives and security practitioners to validate the problem statement and the urgency to solve it. Once StrikeReady had an early prototype (alpha), it on-boarded a few organizations as design partners. This helped with product refinement and new requirements, while fine-tuning StrikeReady’s messaging and positioning.

StrikeReady has engaged with of the top US analyst firms - Gartner, Forrester, IDC, etc. were it has briefed over fifteen of their analysts. Each analyst validated the problem and were impressed with StrikeReady’s unique product offering.

StrikeReady’s product is offered a SaaS based service and requires low touch engagement.