strongDM™ People-First Access Platform

Additional Info

Company size (employees)100 to 499
Headquarters RegionNorth America
Type of solutionCloud/SaaS


The strongDM™ People-First Access platform combines authentication, authorization, networking and observability capabilities all within a single platform. As a proxy, strongDM provides technical staff with direct access to the critical infrastructure they need to be productive. While many companies spend time and resources trying to keep track of every program and who has authorization for which softwares, strongDM seeks to provide a central hub for IT teams. Companies can better keep track of who has access to sensitive information and softwares, and IT teams no longer require cheat sheets that harm company security for their credentials. strongDM customers enjoy easy and secure infrastructure access regardless of tech stack or environment. Trusted from fast-growing businesses like Peloton, SoFi, Chime, Yext, and Betterment to the Fortune 500, strongDM delivers the fast, intuitive, and auditable access required for DevOps and modern security and compliance.

How we are different

StrongDM seeks to do one thing: make it easy for technical employees to securely access the infrastructure they need. For engineering and DevOps, that means delivering a clear understanding of exactly what they have access to and providing that access in just a few clicks. For security teams, that means understanding who has access to which systems, being able to provision and de-provision in real-time and even watching video replays of what individuals are doing on specific systems.

While many identity solutions also deliver simple access to internal and web applications, one major area has been missed–infrastructure. That’s because individual pieces of your infrastructure often have different protocols and workflows to gain access. This is the problem that StrongDM addresses. It provides a simple and uniform way for technical employees to access virtually every tool in the stack–whether it’s a database, server, cloud-based, or even Kubernetes cluster.

Traditional Privileged Access Management (PAM) products often focus on one area–privileged users. StrongDM extends this model to virtually every technical user in your environment. This reduces the breach surface by tracking every user with access to backend infrastructure–not only the admins or privileged users. And it does this while simplifying the workflow needed for those end users to access the systems they need.