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Company size (employees)100 to 499
Headquarters RegionNorth America
Type of solutionSoftware


Swimlane Turbine is a breakthrough low-code security automation platform that captures hard-to-reach telemetry and expands actionability closer to the point of inception. It is different from the traditional security orchestration, automation, and response (SOAR) platforms that are notoriously complex and used exclusively to automate basic security operations center (SOC) workflows like SIEM alert triage, phishing, and threat intelligence. While these SOC use cases are important, security teams really need the ability to ingest telemetry and apply automation to all security processes inside and outside of the SOC. This can include automating workflows around privacy, audit, compliance, legal eDiscovery, vulnerability patch management, and user on/off-boarding.

Swimlane has spent the past decade helping the world’s largest and most demanding organizations automate security use cases both within and beyond the SOC. Through this experience, Swimlane has harnessed the institutional knowledge and expertise needed to deliver outcomes that satisfy the increasing demands of its mature customers while also making security automation more approachable to the average joe. With ground-breaking innovations that address customer requirements and evolving market demands, Swimlane is providing customers with the industry’s first true system of record for security operations, and customers are seeing tangible results.

How we are different

Turbine sets a new standard with its ability to ingest, enrich, and action on data at cloud-scale with machine speed. To stop threats at the point of inception in a rapidly expanding attack surface, organizations need the ability to unify complex environments by connecting with things that are typically siloed from a security perspective, like cloud, internet of things (IoT), and edge computing. XDR solutions are aimed at solving this problem but perpetuate closed ecosystems for data ingestion and response.

Turbine extends visibility and actionability to the point of threat inception:
Turbine provides action at the point of inception. Security leaders need a solution that can ingest larger and more diverse data sets to stay ahead of complex security environments, and it’s nearly impossible to keep up with alerts through manual filters. That’s why Turbine’s Active Sensing Fabric listens across the security ecosystem and takes immediate action directly at the source.

Turbine transcends XDR’s closed-ecosystem with its ability to integrate with any API:
Turbine integrates with any API in customer environments. Organizations need to unify complex environments by connecting with tools that are typically siloed from a security perspective. Some automation platforms have limited integrations, making cross-communication a nightmare to enable and maintain. With Turbine Autonomous Integrations, customers can accomplish the promise of XDR by instantly seeing the list of actions an integration is capable of, and pulling the actions or triggers into low-code playbooks.

Turbine makes security automation approachable so that domain experts can become builders:
Turbine provides democratized automation through adaptable playbooks, codeless conditions and human-readable playbook editors. Legacy SOAR products have earned a reputation for being rigid and unapproachable for the average security professional. Turbine’s low-code approach enables customers to quickly and easily build modular playbooks, without sacrificing the power, flexibility, or scalability needed for effective automation outcomes.