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Synack is a security company revolutionizing how enterprises view cybersecurity, pioneering a hacker-powered, adversarial approach to protecting an organization’s most critical web and mobile applications, host-based infrastructure and connected IoT devices, through a unique Crowd Security Intelligence™ platform.

Since Synack’s inception in May 2013, the company has experienced massive growth and technological achievements, building the industry’s only highly vetted and tested team of pen testers who work with Synack’s flagship technology to discover critical vulnerabilities.

To beat a hacker, you have to think like a hacker, but to protect an enterprise against constant, complex threats, you can’t just think like one, you have to ignite hundreds of the world’s best ethical hackers into rapid action. Synack’s Crowd Security Intelligence™ solution does just that. We harness the exploitation intelligence of a private crowd of hundreds of the most sought-after skilled and trusted security hackers in the world, the Synack Red Team (SRT), complemented with Hydra, a purpose-built, intelligent vulnerability detection platform that constantly feeds areas of suspected vulnerability to the Red Team.

Synack delivers a dynamic, innovative security solution that meets growing security demands, optimally pairing man with machine to proactively harden digital assets, from the perspective of the adversary, on a continuous and scalable basis. The unparalleled vulnerability detection and exploitation capabilities of the SRT are streamlined by Hydra, and combined with actionable intelligence reporting and management by Synack, enabling some of the largest organizations and brands in the world to identify and mitigate critical vulnerabilities promptly and effectively, before criminal hackers get in first, and permanent damage is done.

How we are different

• People: Some of the most talented and renowned ethical hackers on the planet are part of the Synack Red Team, drawing from only the best security minds and testing them to ensure quality research for all Synack customers. In addition, Synack boasts a robust internal research team: Director of Research Patrick Wardle is known for his work with vulnerabilities in Apple’s Gatekeeper, and researchers Wesley Wineberg and Colby Moore have discovered bugs affecting all Microsoft Outlook and the Globalstar satellite network, respectively.

• Technology: Synack recently launched its signature Hydra Technology platform to enhance the Crowd Security Intelligence™ solution, acting as a force multiplier to the Synack Red Team. The technology continuously looks for new attack surfaces and areas of suspected vulnerability, then surfaces this intel to the SRT on a constant basis for analysis. Using Hydra Technology, the Synack Red Team is able to provide even more vital security intelligence at a faster rate, handing enterprises the tools to proactively mitigate any potential flaws.

• Clients: Synack has a growing presence amongst the F500 and fast-growing startups, generating upward of 300 percent revenue growth year over year. Today, Synack is working with a number of the Top Ten US Banks, leading healthcare payers and providers, some of the most trusted consumer brands and many tech companies that depend wholly on the integrity of their online businesses- protecting their most confidential and lucrative data/information.