Syxsense Enterprise

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Company size (employees)100 to 499
Headquarters RegionNorth America
Type of solutionSoftware


Syxsense Enterprise is the world’s first cloud-based unified endpoint security and IT management (UESM) solution that delivers real-time vulnerability monitoring and instant remediation for every endpoint across an organization’s entire network environment. It combines Syxsense Secure, Manage, and Mobile Device Manager to deliver a completely unified platform that scans and manages all endpoints, resolves problems in real-time, and reduces the risks associated with system misconfigurations. This enables organizations to better predict, identify, and remediate endpoint vulnerabilities.

Syxsense Enterprise addresses the three key elements of endpoint security – vulnerabilities, patch, and compliance. It layers on a powerful workflow automation tool called Syxsense Cortex™ that remediates and eliminates endpoint security weaknesses – all through a single cloud-based, drag and drop management interface, with hundreds of prebuilt workflows. This includes the ability to identify software vulnerabilities in both OS and 3rd party applications, misconfigurations from open ports, disabled firewalls, ineffective user account polices and more.

It also includes Syxsense’s Mobile Device Management (MDM) solution, which allows IT to manage devices running on iOS, iPadOS, and Android, in addition to previously supported Windows, Linux and Mac environments. Syxsense MDM includes all the tools necessary for Device Enrollment, Inventory and Configuration Management, Application Deployment and Rollback, Data Containerization, and Remote Device Lock/Reset/Wipe (making it possible for IT to wipe sensitive data from lost or stolen devices).

Combining Patch and Security Management not only saves time and consolidates resources, it also heightens the security profile of an organization.

How we are different

 The first Unified Security and Endpoint Management platform to centralize vulnerabilities, patch, and compliance management – Recent research shows that 70% of data breaches occur at the endpoint. This is driving security teams to deploy emerging and advanced endpoint protections that can streamline the identification of security vulnerabilities, and manage configuration and software compliance (i.e., patching). This means combining IT management, patch management and security vulnerability scanning into a single comprehensive cloud-based platform. That’s exactly how Syxsense has built their reputation, by offering their customers the first Unified Security and Endpoint Management platform, called Syxsense Enterprise, that centralizes the three key elements of endpoint security management (vulnerabilities, patch, and compliance).

 A unique and powerful workflow automation tool and engine called Syxsense Cortex – Syxsense stands above the competition when it comes to Unified Security and Endpoint Management because of its innovation around a powerful workflow automation tool and engine called Syxsense Cortex. It remediates and eliminates endpoint security weaknesses by giving customers access to pre-built remediation workflows that they can simply approve and apply in their environments (or customers can quickly create custom workflows if they want to). This blending of the core product with Syxsense Cortex™ is a game-changer in the industry.

 A single intelligent agent – With a single agent, Syxsense Cortex allows security professionals (or MSPs) to manage, detect and secure endpoints using what we refer to as Facilitated Remediation. That means 100% code-free remediation of errors in desktop, laptop, and server environments, including real-time patch scanning, security scanning, and full remediation (both automatically and manually) of these threat vectors.