Telos Ghost by Telos Corporation

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CompanyTelos Corporation
Company size (employees)500 to 999
Type of solutionCloud/SaaS


In 2018, Telos announced the launch of Telos Ghost, a secure, cloud-based, patented system for private, secure and anonymous operations on the internet. The product operates under the philosophy, “you can’t exploit what you can’t see,” offering a completely anonymous way to do business, share intelligence and assess cyber threats online. This capability in turn keeps business and mission critical communications hidden from adversaries and safe from intrusion. As the challenge of secure mobility persists and today’s enterprises rely heavily on remote connectivity to critical network resources, standard virtual private networks (VPNs) and encryption schemes are simply no longer sufficient to evade increasingly sophisticated threats. Telos Ghost goes a step further, using the anonymity of open-source VPN technology to access a highly obfuscated and encrypted private internet for additional security and privacy capabilities. Essentially, it integrates technologies that provide high levels of network obfuscation and multiple layers of encryption. This is represented through three main methods of use: Private Web Access, Private Network Access and Cloaked Services. Telos recently finalized the integration of Telos Ghost into Chromebooks and began a pilot with a large Virginia school, with plans to formally launch a student privacy solution later this year.

As cyber threats continue to escalate, especially since the beginning of the pandemic, Telos recognized that the solutions it provides must evolve and grow. In 2020, the company added enhancements to the Telos Ghost offering that included a collaboration capability to the private unified communications platform that allows the ultimate cloaking of voice, video and chat services with a secure collaboration repository. This enhancement provides the ability for worldwide collaboration of mission critical information while ensuring cyber-attack surfaces are eliminated.

How we are different

- Capabilities like Telos Ghost are critical to protecting privacy and identity in today's remote world, and in the coming months and years to come, Telos expects to see even stronger traction in the commercial markets for this product. Over the past year, Telos has seen increased success and interest in Telos Ghost within the education, Internet of Things, banking, healthcare, and critical infrastructure markets.

- Telos Ghost integrates multiple proven technologies to create a category-defying solution to ever-evolving and accelerating cyber threats, addressing a variety of use cases. With cloaking of voice, video, and chat services, Telos Ghost’s private unified communications platform allows expanded potential use cases for IoT, banking and critical infrastructure. For instance, a leading K-12 online safety and effectiveness solutions provider is integrating Telos Ghost with its online learning solutions to protect students’ devices, privacy and identity while working online or accessing school resources remotely. Telos Ghost also offers enhanced security and mobility for telemedicine and telehealth.

- Telos Ghost improves businesses’ threat hunting abilities, as these organizations can research various companies’ networks without any of the activity being attributed back to them. Telos Ghost’s use cases are currently expanding, as well. As hybrid schooling models become normalized, Telos Ghost is now relied upon in some major educational settings.