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Teramind has introduced an innovative new way to detect and prevent insider threats. Their approach is user-centric and focuses on individual actions. By helping organizations understand the chain of events, shape user behavior and combat the internal threat via automated risk detection and prevention. Teramind offers many unique features including:
– Search engine queries monitoring
– Employee risk analysis
– Wages calculation based on “productive” hours worked
– Classification of productive / unproductive apps & websites
– Admin audit: What did the administrators view / change
– Remote screen control & interactive lock
– Administrators can give an exception on the fly when user needs to violate a rule to do their job

The system provides a web-based dashboard and demo system. Additionally the system is browser-based and users can be monitored from anywhere, including mobile devices.

How we are different

- We record users in video, not screenshots, and you can see the user's desktop live from your browser or mobile

- Any file activity can be blocked. In fact, you can even alert the manager when an admin accesses a set of files which they shouldn't, despite having read permissions. You can also take it a step further by restricting write access to removable media, making USB drives read-only essentially.

- Our alerting / blocking rules system can be used on any observable activity, like copying a file, e-mailing a competitor, spending more then 20 minutes a day in Skype, and many other cases.