The Cervello Platform

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Company size (employees)10 to 49
Headquarters RegionMiddle East
Type of solutionSoftware


Cyber threats are continuously threatening critical infrastructures worldwide. There are many factors to blame, including a rise in global tensions and political hacktivism, progress in the space as digital, connected, and collaborative systems replace much of the rail industry’s legacy operational systems, and a much more sophisticated level of cyber attacks. Meanwhile, rail systems are unprepared for the threats and vulnerabilities they are facing today. Until recently, there were no cybersecurity companies focused solely on rail infrastructure, and rail cybersecurity awareness was limited to the IT network.
Cervello was founded to fill this gap. Cervello Platform is a patented cybersecurity solution that addresses the specific needs and challenges of rail organizations, including fast and flexible deployment, real-time threat alerts, and a customized incident response playbook. Its advanced technology passively monitors for vulnerabilities and threats across all connected infrastructure assets regardless of vendor, and provides rail operators and infrastructure managers continuous visibility of their network and security posture, along with the intelligence and guidance they need to respond as necessary. The Platform makes it easier for decision makers and decision influencers to quickly and more effectively react to security incidents. It allows teams to segment assets by security zones making it easier to see and manage affected assets and systems during an attack.


How we are different

Cervello is a pioneer in the rail cybersecurity industry. The company was built from the ground up by cybersecurity and rail experts experienced in securing critical infrastructure from nation-grade level threats. Its focus on rail infrastructure allows it to offer rail organizations a solution that responds to their specific needs and concerns.

In the past year, Cervello announced various milestones, including two industry firsts. Cervello became the first known cybersecurity company in the world to secure rail infrastructure across an entire country after partnering with Swiss Federal Railways (SBB). In addition, Cervello was granted the first-ever U.S. patent to author rail cybersecurity policies based on Artificial Intelligence gathering. Cervello also signed a partnership with global technology, defense, and engineering group ST Engineering, to continue providing to rail organizations, including one of the busiest rail networks in APAC. The company is now involved with various working groups, leading conversations with government and private stakeholders to assist in building out regulations and best practices to create a safer and better rail operational experience.

Today, millions of lives are directly impacted by Cervello's rail cybersecurity solution. The company is deployed across several countries and continents, and forecasts more growth in the years to come as cyber threats against critical infrastructure become more prevalent.