The JumpCloud Directory Platform

Additional Info

Company size (employees)100 to 499
Type of solutionCloud/SaaS


JumpCloud’s Directory Platform unifies user access, identity, and devices management into a single, secure platform. One feature of the cloud directory platform are Conditional Access Policies, which enable IT admins to adopt a Zero Trust security model. Conditional Access Policies allow for flexible verification rules across user identity, network trust, and device trust and give admins the ability to customize their approach to access and security by combining this verification into different policy levels.

To provide secure access through devices, admins install the JumpCloud agent on any devices that are required to be managed and controlled by the organization. Through the agent, admins can distribute security configurations (policies), manage user accounts and their credentials, and apply core security settings such as enabling full disk encryption and MFA.

With these procedures performed by the agent, JumpCloud can verify trust through the automatic installation of a JumpCloud-issued certificate. This certificate verifies the machines that are known and trusted by the organization and are part of the organizations’ conditional access verification requirements when authenticating to resources.

Some key use cases for JumpCloud’s customers include:
Allow remote work, but require MFA when employees aren’t in the office.
Require MFA for specific groups (i.e., contractors) accessing the organization’s applications.
Prevent access coming from personal devices.
Allow personal devices for specific user groups, but require each user to enter MFA.
Disable prompts for MFA for my warehouse workers when they’re accessing applications from the internal network.
Require all admins to enter MFA because they have higher privileges and can do the most harm.
Allow CEO or other C-level executives to enter without MFA when coming from a trusted device.

How we are different

- JumpCloud ‘s Conditional Access Policies can be deployed full coverage of any hybrid-remote workforce combination
- Combining Conditional Access Policies with the breadth of features in the JumpCloud Directory Platform gives IT a holistic, robust centralized system to manage user access and identity.
- JumpCloud integrates with virtually all resources — whether they’re located in the cloud, on premises, or elsewhere — with protocol-based integrations and no on-prem hardware, and its Conditional Access Policies offer organizations of any size the opportunity to implement a Zero Trust security model.