ThreatBlockr – Best Network Security Solution

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Company size (employees)10 to 49
Headquarters RegionNorth America
Type of solutionSoftware


Every successful attack has breached the security stack. Although they were once the foundation of good cybersecurity practices, modern cybersecurity technologies are no longer enough to block all of the sophisticated attacks used by today’s threat actors.

Enterprise defenders need a way to block both inbound and outbound traffic from known threat actors from their networks. ThreatBlockr leverages more than 50 world-class cyber intelligence feeds to inspect, block and log every known threat from hitting your network. Enterprises using ThreatBlockr gain instant network protection without expensive upgrades or needing to rip and replace complex systems. Our customers don’t need to change a thing in their existing stack because ThreatBlockr’s solution works with any implementation and configuration. Just plug the holes with ThreatBlockr and rest easy, knowing that every threat is blocked in real time.

How we are different

- ThreatBlockr is the only left of boom cybersecurity solution that can leverage threat intelligence at scale to protect an organization’s network with zero network latency. Instead of looking at individual threats, we focus instead on the threat actors perpetrating attacks and block all known inbound and outbound traffic based on IP addresses of known threat actors. This results in a 30-50% reduction in traffic hitting an organization’s security stack, which allows both technology and human cybersecurity resources the ability to run at their full capacities. This is all handled autonomously, without the need for constant monitoring or configurations, empowering security teams and technologies the ability to monitor their networks more efficiently.

- We can deploy anywhere in 30 minutes or less and work with all existing environments and cybersecurity technologies. We’re complementary to most of our “competitors” – by blocking both inbound and outbound traffic from known threat actors, we actually enhance the capabilities of an organization’s security stack. We can also deliver threat intelligence to MDR/SIEM platforms as well as any third-party system using RFC-compliant, standards-based formats and/or open REST APIs.

- ThreatBlockr is the only solution on the market that has the capacity to block 150 million threat actors at the network’s edge. Most networks are needlessly under a constant stress test, handling threats from known threat actors, but ThreatBlockr eliminates all traffic from known threat actors at the network’s edge. This blocking is an essential defense against ransomware, as our outbound threat blocking protects organizations from malicious traffic going outbound to known threat actors gained through phishing campaigns, side doors, etc. No other solution on the market today protects at the network edge like ThreatBlockr.