ThreatDefence XDR Platform

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Company size (employees)10 to 49
Type of solutionCloud/SaaS


Our XDR and threat detection platform is the foundation of effective cyber threat detection and response services. Providing deep visibility, great threat detection, sophisticated behaviour analytics and automated threat hunting, the platform adds efficiency and value to your security operations capability. Leveraging our proprietary detection methodologies, including AI-empowered machine learning, our platform uncovers suspicious and anomalous behaviour revealing even the most hidden threats.

The platform creates high fidelity detections, flagging real threats and assisting SOC analysts and investigators to focus on what really matters. Our XDR platform equips cyber security experts with the insights and tools they need to perform deep investigations and contain threats, all in real time.

Our platform provides next generation Threat Hunting, Incident Response and Digital Forensics capabilities across the entire enterprise attack surface. We provide deep visibility, remote triage and evidence gathering, and in-depth investigation and incident recovery on a scale.

Our platform provides threat detection for unknown threat detection, relying on sophisticated AI-powered correlations rather than rule-based detections.

The platform provides:
– End-to-End Incident Management
– Enterprise-wide Forensics, collecting as much data as possible from your systems and networks
– Deep real-time visibility and extraction of forensic artefacts, RAM, registry keys and file systems objects, including deleted data and unallocated disk space, as well as an ability to intelligently analyze user, machine and software behavior
– across the entire attack surface of an organization, and operating at the enterprise-wide scale
– Reaching to all assets and networks across your entire enterprise.

How we are different

Our platform provides:
1. AI-assisted threat hunting, investigation, and incident response for Google Cloud, providing automated threat detection, containment, and artefact acquisition.
2. Enterprise-wide digital forensics capability, enabling security analyst to run forensic searches remotely over unlimited number of endpoints and services in Google Cloud
3. Deep real-time visibility across all Google Cloud services, recording even the most subtle security events missed by our competitors.