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Company size (employees)50 to 99
Headquarters RegionNorth America
Type of solutionSoftware


ThreatModeler is a pioneer in threat modeling for the cloud, with automation capabilities delivering instant threat model building functionality, optimizing security-first approaches to DevOps by saving organizations vast amounts of time and facilitating collaboration.
Traditionally, threat modeling was a resource-demanding and tedious process – manual, non-collaborative, and primarily only for applications and their data flow. ThreatModeler is a collaborative platform where security experts or non-security professionals alike can build threat models within a few hours or minutes instead of weeks through a completely automated process.

The latest evolution of ThreatModeler’s technology delivers real-time threat modeling capabilities, enabling developers to understand the full scope of their intended IT infrastructure. For the first time ever, DevSecOps teams have full transparency surrounding changes introduced to the threat model on-the-fly. This simultaneously minimizes risk and ensures sufficient compliance and governance protocols post-IaC deployment.

Through its integration with CI/CD and ALM toolchain, ThreatModeler empowers developers to keep track of mitigation progress until architecture is production-ready.

ThreatModeler enables DevOps to scale with its patented Threat Model Chaining feature – entire or part of threat models can be nested as their own components into other threat models. Combined with real-time threat modeling capabilities, developers are provided an understanding of the full scope of their intended IT infrastructure, minimizing risk while ensuring sufficient compliance and governance protocols post-IaC deployment.

This makes ThreatModeler a particularly useful tool for enterprises, who can scale their threat models in real-time as their business operations and objectives evolve. With continuous automated visibility, businesses can securely build compliance into the foundation of their infrastructure, make proactive security decisions, and go to market more quickly and efficiently.

How we are different

-ThreatModeler is the industry’s No. 1 threat modeling platform, working in partnership with 100+ Fortune 1000 companies spanning multiple verticals to secure highly sensitive, regulated, complex, specialized, and global environments. Unlike other threat modeling products, ThreatModeler’s automated solution fortifies enterprise SDLCs by defining, identifying, and predicting threats, empowering security and DevOps teams to make proactive security decisions.

- Cloud Accelerator – With just one click, customers can build threat models for cloud environments. The patent-pending Accelerator updates the threat model regularly, keeping it in sync with the cloud environment and automatically validating security configurations.

-Onboard Architect – The patented Onboard Architect guides
customers in the creation of consistent, complete threat models for their architectures. This enables even people with no security expertise to threat model.