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Company size (employees)60
Headquarters RegionNorth America


ThreatQuotient was formed in 2013, and the co-founders spent the next two years building and designing the ThreatQ platform. Their first customer was acquired in 2015, and in that year the company achieved sales in the millions. ThreatQuotient is on a high growth trajectory in comparison to other early stage startups.

At the end of 2015, ThreatQuotient’s goal was to triple in size and begin selling globally in 2016 – both of which have been achieved. ThreatQuotient has also raised over $23M in funding, via through two rounds in the last twelve months, and also received a $3 million growth line of credit from Silicon Valley Bank ensuring a sound financial position for operations.

Following the appointment of ex-Sourcefire executive John Czupak as CEO and a member of the Board of Directors in October 2015, ThreatQuotient has since moved from their shared office space at the AOL Building, and opened their worldwide headquarters in Virginia, as well as offices in Maryland, the UK, and France.

In April 2016, ThreatQuotient announced the appointment of Faraz Siraj as Director of Channels for its newly launched Threat Alliance Program (TAP), the first threat intelligence platform provider to launch a program of its kind.

ThreatQuotient currently represents a strong portfolio of Fortune 100/500, major retail, healthcare, technology and defense customers in multiple countries – protecting an average of 50,000 employees per deployment.

How we are different

In today’s digital world, few industries are immune to cyber threats; the flexibility and customization of the ThreatQ platform makes it possible to be implemented in any industry, including media, financial, critical infrastructure, and many more.

ThreatQ increases an enterprise’s security effectiveness through control over their threat intelligence and reducing noise. This improves ROI on existing security investments and empowers an efficient and collaborative workforce during a time of limited human resources.

Since 2015, ThreatQuotient has tripled in size, started selling globally, launched a channel program, and is working with a strong portfolio of companies across multiple industries.