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Company size (employees)60
Headquarters RegionNorth America


The term ‘threat intelligence’ has been used in so many ways, sometimes it is hard to be sure what any one person or company means by it. One thing that is clear, is that companies have invested significant time and resources into their current security technologies, and yet today’s threat intelligence analysts and operators are inundated by data, and spend valuable time manually importing information that may not always be valuable to their company.

ThreatQuotient believes that the foundation of intelligence-driven security is people and has built ThreatQ, the first threat intelligence platform (TIP) for threat operations and management. ThreatQ is open and extensible to enable analysts and defenders to be more effective and efficient.

Created by former security operations analysts, ThreatQ provides the context, customization and collaboration required to accelerate the transformation of threat data into actionable threat intelligence, while giving analysts control over the process. With ThreatQ, analysts leverage a threat library, an adaptive workbench and an open API exchange to provide threat intelligence that is more timely, accurate and relevant to their business. Unlike other threat intelligence platforms, ThreatQ is flexible in allowing users to build a workbench that fits their needs. By integrating with over 25 vendors to ensure customers can keep their detection solutions up to date, the ThreatQuotient development team is constantly building out integrations with new tools to ensure customers are maximizing the value of their threat intelligence.

In 2016 alone, ThreatQuotient has opened their doors worldwide with offices in Virginia, Maryland, the UK, and France, raised over $23M in funding, received a $3M growth line of credit from Silicon Valley Bank, and developed a portfolio of Fortune 100/500, major retail, healthcare, technology and defense customers in multiple countries – protecting an average of 50,000 employees per deployment.

How we are different

ThreatQ helps customers tailor indicators of compromise (IOCs) more specifically to their infrastructure. It also automates workflows to minimize the time to deploy IOCs into protection solutions.

ThreatQ allows customers to build their own integrations based on their organizations’ industry, threats and security priorities.

ThreatQ is a centralized, dynamic repository that acts as a central search engine for all intelligence. Rather than manually searching through each piece of intelligence into other systems, they can use ThreatQ to research all existing data, and add new data, right from the interface.