ThreatX: Web Application and API Protection Platform

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Company size (employees)50 to 99
Type of solutionSoftware


Web apps and APIs are often the holy grail for attackers and the methods, modes, and cadence of attacks are far from consistent. Attackers frequently leverage bots, as well as other sophisticated techniques, that make it challenging – if not impossible – to rely on signature-based security solutions as a means of protection.

ThreatX gives organizations a far more effective and user-friendly approach to controlling bots, extending protection, and inspecting the specific behaviors of an adversary over time, rather than relying on signatures to block attacks.

ThreatX’s Web Application and API Protection (WAAP) Platform protects web applications and APIs from all threats, including bot attacks, DDoS attempts, exploitations of known vulnerabilities, and zero-day attacks. Its multi-layered detection capabilities accurately identify malicious actors and dynamically initiate appropriate action.

ThreatX is a single, cloud-native platform with a unique methodology organized around a centralized real-time risk engine that identifies and correlates attackers’ behavior across multiple attack vectors to more precisely identify threats and then apply right-time protection to enable broad-spectrum attack coverage.

As part of ThreatX’s continuous analysis, the solution accumulates and tracks risks that would otherwise go unnoticed, building dynamic profiles of threat actors as they carry out their attacks. This enables customers to respond to attackers’ patterns over time, as the attack morphs, ebbs and flows, and adjusts to the motions of security defenses. Analysts and threat hunters can investigate suspicious behavior and track devices for further analysis via the ThreatX WAAP.

Unlike other solutions on the market, ThreatX is the only SaaS-based WAAP solution that enables enterprises to confidently secure all their web applications against rapidly evolving threat landscapes. ThreatX delivers complete visibility, and the most precise threat detection and neutralization capabilities available, by combining progressive behavior profiling, collective threat intelligence, and deep analytics with a managed service.

How we are different

1) ThreatX gives organizations a far more effective and user-friendly approach to controlling bots. It extends protection and monitoring across the entire history of an entity’s visit, instead of only focusing on form pages. Likewise, it uses a combination of the best detection techniques, including behavioral analysis, fingerprinting techniques, transparent forms of interrogation, and a wide range of other factors that contribute to the overall understanding of a visitor’s risk. It can also work with CAPTCHA, turning it from a blunt tool applied to all users to a surgical instrument only applied to a fraction of edge cases that can benefit from it.

2) ThreatX provides a fully integrated platform that is able to detect and mitigate bot attacks using a variety of techniques that all work together. The platform also comes with built-in managed security services that provide 24/7 on-demand access to experts so that organizations can get the help they need–when they need it.

3) ThreatX’s WAAP provides customers a complete understanding of risk as it connects all behaviors, activities, and perspectives together. Based on this profiling, ThreatX can detect, block, and neutralize Layer 7 attacks, OWASP Top 10, bots, DDoS, and zero-day threats with high precision.