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Company size (employees)100 to 499
Headquarters RegionNorth America


Thycotic is the premier privileged access management (PAM) provider, serving more than 10,000 organizations across the globe. It offers multiple PAM solutions with variations (such as on-premise vs. cloud deployment). Thycotic also offers several free tools available on the company website.
Thycotic strives to strengthen its security resources. In continuing with its motivation to protect privileged access, Thycotic made several advancements in 2018 to combat the growing threat landscape and make Privileged Access Management stronger, easier, more accessible, functional and adaptable. The Thycotic team has accomplished this through its updated releases of Secret Server version 10.5 and Privilege Manager 10.5.
One of the critical issues in cybersecurity is the difficulty placed on end users. Complicated procedures are forced on these users and hinder productivity. Additionally, many users become confused and annoyed with complex security protocols — often resulting in the ignoring and avoiding of security tools. Thycotic’s Secret Server and Privilege Manager allow IT administrators to maintain a principle of least privilege and cyber defense across their organization’s endpoints by securing the users credentials and managing access. This blocks a major attack vector and removes the pressure from the end users. This leads to increased productivity and stronger security for privileged accounts.
Thycotic remains committed to innovation for its solutions and continues to develop new features and updates to its offerings. For example, Thycotic introduced Privileged Behavioral Analytics to enable customers to profile and analyze individual privileged user behavior and create prioritized alerts when abnormal activity is detected. The team also plans to continue its investment in advanced threat research to prevent attacks through emerging attack vectors, such as in privileged accounts for cloud environments and industrial control systems. Thycotic also engages with customers to identify needs and opportunities that will enhance future product development.

How we are different

-Offers a comprehensive solution, providing security for privileged credentials and accounts, least-privilege policy enforcement, and application control.

-The solution is easy to implement (can be deployed in under 15 minutes) and easy to manage, distinguishing itself from other products that are high maintenance and require complex and lengthy installment.

-Designed to meet the needs of organizations of all sizes and features flexibility that allows for growth as customer organizations expand.