Additional Info

Job title of nominated professional (or team name)Chief Executive Officer
Company (where nominated professional or team is working)Intelligent Waves
Company size (employees)100 to 499
CountryUnited States
Headquarters RegionNorth America


Tony Crescenzo is the President and CEO of Intelligent Waves (IW). This leading IT integrator delivers mission-focused multi-domain operational expertise and innovation to the Government through high-impact technology solutions. Crescenzo is an inspirational CEO that motivates his employees, partners, and community by demonstrating second to none leadership abilities. Tony’s experience as a Marine, high-energy leadership style, and ability to recruit top management talent have enabled us to maximize the value and impact of IW, transitioning us from an SDVOSB to a Big-Small business. As a result, IW has experienced two consecutive years of rapid growth and profitability. By achieving the strategic goal of elevating IW’s growth trajectory and scaling to the next level, IW has emerged as a respected market leader.

With the rise in cybersecurity attacks on government networks, Tony led IW to successfully launch several innovative and disruptive cybersecurity technologies that serve the U.S Department of Defense and Intelligence Community, featuring GRAYPATH (GP), an ultra-secure next-generation VPN, and Phantom, an award-winning cyber defense solution for the most demanding and secure communications.

Additionally, Tony was instrumental in transforming IW’s corporate culture into a fully-engaged culture where social responsibility is ingrained. For example, he initiated groundbreaking employee engagement initiatives to ensure that the voice of employees is heard not only on professional matters but also in matters of diversity, equality, and inclusion, through individual meetings, town halls, and an independent Employee Advisory Council that provides honest feedback to the management team.



Firstly, Tony Crescenzo deserves to win the CEO of the Year award for his commitment to improving our nation's cybersecurity capabilities through developing in-house solutions that enable operators freedom of movement in the cyber realm.

Secondly, as a CEO, Tony Crescenzo helped Intelligent Waves, a Veteran-Owned business, providing end-to-end information technology solutions to private and public sector clients globally, grow and achieve its full potential through cybersecurity innovations tailored to the Government's most demanding and critical needs. Intelligent Waves is on the leading edge of innovation to support real-world mission outcomes in cyber security.

Under Tony Crescenzo's leadership, Intelligent Waves delivers industry-leading solutions to ensure cyber protection for our nation, enabling our friendly networks to gain access to a shared secure data center without exposing or compromising sensitive information.