Torq: No Code Security Automation

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Company size (employees)50 to 99
Headquarters RegionNorth America

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- Torq has grown at a phenomenal rate, from the public launch of the product in mid-2021 to dozens of customers worldwide by the end of the year. The average Torq customer uses Torq to automate and improve 17 distinct security processes in the first 30 days - we can't wait to see that number after the first 12 months!
- Torq is transforming how security teams work, by freeing them from alert fatigue and the need to context-switch between dozens of tools. Torq seamlessly connects to any security system, in any environment - and acts like the central nervous system of the cybersecurity team - orchestrating and automating actions across security, infrastructure, and communication systems alike.
- Torq helps customers deliver the best security possible by making it as easy as possible to accelerate and automate any security operation. With Torq's no-code approach, any security professional can create automated workflows - no coding knowledge, API documentation, or engineering support required. This lets security teams focus on what they do best - security.

Brief Overview

Torq is a no-code security automation platform. It seamlessly connects the numerous tools security teams use every day, and automates workflows across those systems. With Torq, teams accelerate threat response and remediation, proactively identify and reduce risks, and deliver stronger protection across every aspect of their organizations.