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CompanyTXOne Networks Inc.
Company size (employees)100 to 499
Headquarters RegionAsia
Type of solutionHardware


TXOne EdgeIPS is a series of network security appliance designed specifically for the manufacturing plants. This is the only network security product line that is dedicated for OT and ICS.

It is a painful process requiring costly investment to change the infrastructure of security countermeasure deployment, especially in an air-gapped network environment connected with a massive number of assets that were not designed for the modern corporate network. EdgeIPS ensures the security of asset and production zones through hassle-free transparent deployment to provide OT visibility and OT protocol filtering with the option of inline or offline functionality. This security solution is designed specifically to fit into the OT network without disturbing existing configurations.

The solution is based on deep packet inspection. With 200+ ICS protocols supported, EdgeIPS offers a protection level that no one else in the industry can offer.

The EdgeIPS product line features a variety of form factors from palm-sized small box to a 96-port rack. All EdgeIPS devices can be managed by a centralized management console, EdgeOne. Other than security, EdgeIPS offers comprehensive network visibility so to maximize the security level.

The mission of EdgeIPS is to solve the long-standing issues when people try to reuse those network security appliances designed for IT, to the OT environments. To that end, all EdgeIPS models are created on top of ground practices among all verticals that TXOne has been working with for years.

How we are different

- Born for ICS
Every model of EdgeIPS is based on real demands from our ICS customers, to address common paint points in certain verticals. Some of the models were even tailored initially. With 200+ ICS protocols supported, EdgeIPS recognizes a lot more than IT-based network security appliances. The fail-safe designs ensures the continuity of operation even with power failures on EdgeIPS.

- Simplicity
Understaffing is a common issue in ICS ground fields. It's not uncommon for a staff to manage 1000+ devices thus the configuration and deployment should be simple, and so is the management. EdgeIPS is designed specifically to fit transparently into the IT-OT convergency network environment so that the original network configuration does not need to change. For the same reason, setting up the security rules can be automated by auto learning. This dramatically shortens the time for policy deployment.

- Visibility
EdgeIPS offers granular and comprehensive asset visibility of your production environment, empowring the asset managers to closely monitor the ICS assets by specific vendor, software, device, and most importantly, by communications traffic. With the capability to analyze all the traffic passing through, EdgeIP delivers benefits including fortified network security, thorough threat detection and prevention, and streamlined management efficiency.