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Company size (employees)40+


Untangle is a success story in the network security space due to its transformative NG Firewall solution that addresses the modern threats facing networks. Comparing FY 2012 revenue to FY 2015, the company experienced a 423.93% growth rate, reflecting the interest in complete UTM solutions that cover all aspects of network health.

The company now protects more than 40,000 global customer’s networks, with its integrated software and appliance solutions that offer simplicity with enterprise-level power.

The innovation-focused company’s efforts extend to its “app store” approach to applications that are offered with the NG Firewall platform. These apps give the platform plug-in functionality to for example block spam or conduct active web filtering. Tying these applications together is the Integrated Rules Engine™ which allows the apps to work in concert.

Untangle performs frequent product updates, with the most recent NG Firewall version 12.1 offering geolocation by IP, so admins can apply network usage rules based on client or server location. It also features a mobile management console to aid companies in managing the network-specific challenges of remote and mobile users.

How we are different

1. Explosive and sustained growth rate of its NG Firewall software and hardware integrated network protection solution.

2. The company employs a customer-centric approach in the development of its products. For example, unlike traditional firewall solutions, it blends protection and policy enforcement without any constraints placed on user productivity or access to vital data.

3. Untangle offers a true UTM approach that offers an enticing ROI for companies that switch from utilizing multiple solutions for bandwidth management, app control, and web filtering, to the NG Firewall’s complete protection.