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UpGuard is the company behind CSTAR (Cyber Security Threat Assessment Report), the world’s only comprehensive and actionable cybersecurity preparedness score for enterprises. The score allows businesses to understand the risk of breaches and unplanned outages due to misconfigurations and software vulnerabilities. It also offers insurance carriers a new standard by which to effectively assess client risk and compliance profiles. Both are critical solutions in an age when breaches have become an inevitability for organizations.

Just as credit scores aggregate financial risk factors into one easy-to-understand number, CSTAR provides a single measure of risk for information security to customers including Rackspace, Ulta, Citrix, Amadeus, PGI and ADP. Based on information about an organization’s actual configuration state and testing habits, CSTAR has established itself as one of the most comprehensive assessments of internal and external systems available, representing the collective vulnerability of every server, network device, and cloud service to the risk of breaches. With the help of CSTAR, customers are able to trace changes down to the smallest building blocks of information technology, and can then use the full report to remediate risks internally, as well as potentially negotiate better cyber insurance policies.

How we are different

*UpGuard offers unparalleled visibility to organizations. It has created a previously unheard of level of transparency in data centers by discovering the configuration profiles of every internal device, as well as external websites, email and relevant vendor and business data, and then delivering a comprehensive picture of cyber resilience to its customers.

*UpGuard is committed to continuous assessment of risk factors, which is critical in the digital age. This constantly working engine allows businesses to control their environments through easy-to-create, customizable policies. Unauthorized change notifications can be automatically sent to a reporting, ticketing or alerting system enabling a whole new level of organizational control.

*UpGuard transforms cyber risk into business resilience with its CSTAR score, which is the result of both an internal and external assessment of a company’s cybersecurity risk. The external assessment looks at websites, email, open ports and company profile to determine risk, while the internal assessment monitors server and network configurations, vulnerability management and other critical infrastructure. Both are necessary for an accurate picture of an organization's security. UpGuard handles both sides of this equation and wraps the results up in a CSTAR score that organizations can use as a standard for cyber risk, based on real data from their specific environment. This innovative development helps align IT goals with business goals in a way everyone can understand.