Upstream Automotive Cybersecurity Platform

Additional Info

CompanyUpstream Security
Company size (employees)100 to 499
Headquarters RegionMiddle East
Type of solutionCloud/SaaS


Upstream ensures trust in the connected vehicle ecosystem and helps automotive stakeholders to unlock the value in connected vehicle data and offer safe and secure smart mobility services and applications, mitigate cyber threats, and comply with cybersecurity regulations.

Upstream introduced a fundamental and innovative shift in the approach to connected vehicle security, leveraging connected vehicle data including telematics, vehicle applications data and even EV charging data to offer unparalleled mobility-specific actionable insights. Upstream’s cloud-based and agentless platform (no hardware or software installed in vehicles) is purpose-built for connected vehicles, delivering fleet-wode automotive cybersecurity detection and response (V-XDR).

The Upstream Platform ingests unstructured data in near real-time and utilizes a universal mobility data dictionary to normalize and cleanse automotive data sets from multiple OEMs, different sources, and in various versions, protocols, and formats into a single, unified, and privacy-compliant data structure. This fleet-wide data set is then used to create and maintain mobility digital twins, of vehicles and mobility applications, which include the enriched context of the entire physical mobility ecosystem enabling actionable insights.

The platform layers a rich suite of ML-powered detectors to identify relevant anomalies on top of the digital twin. Upstream’s detection capabilities are rules and machine learning models-based. The platform correlates multiple connected mobility sources to enable single and fleet-wide detection. The system is pre-built with a library of policies designed to detect an extensive range of known and unknown cyber threats and also offers a streamlined drag-and-drop interface to enable the creation of custom user-defined cyber detectors.

Based on this robust platform, Upstream enables vSOC (Vehicle Security Operations Analysts) analysts to effectively determine if alerts require escalation, and perform root-cause analysis based on advanced vehicle and fleet investigation capabilities.

How we are different

- Data engineering: ingests connected vehicle data from various sources (telematics, sensors, ota, api,), cleanses, and normalizes data into a standard public schema

- Digital twin: analytics-ready and performance-optimized digital twin enable to contextualize automotive and smart mobility data for fleet-wide detection

- No-code detection: in addition to pre-built and customized anomalies detectors, the platform also offers an ML-based detection suite unknown anomalies