Additional Info

Company size (employees)10 to 49
Headquarters RegionNorth America


Through the company’s objectives, Upstream has successfully accomplished the following within the year; securing over 1 million connected vehicles, launched v3.0 of the Upstream Centralized Connected Car Cybersecurity (C4) Platform and announced partnership with Asgent in Japan.

Upstream improves the safety and security of connected vehicles and services built around them by monitoring business critical events and identifying cyber threats in real-time via a centralized cloud-based analysis of multiple automotive data feeds, including telematics and mobile applications. The solution is 100% agent-less and does not require any hardware or software inside the vehicles. Upstream’s solution is already used by millions of vehicles worldwide, providing an effective and innovative method in detecting threat anomalies and mission critical events using a combination of machine learning, cybersecurity engines, and service policy enforcement – the result is enabling smart mobility services to run safely and smoothly while providing the customer with the real-time alerts tailored to their needs.

How we are different

• Upstream Security provided the first cyber security solution designed for Smart Mobility
• Upstream Security is the first and only solution for securing connected car with 100% agent-less and cloud-based platform – the result is that it’s the only solution in the market capable of securing connected vehicles that are already on the road (over 1M vehicles already)
• Upstream C4 is the only solution that leverages data from across the smart mobility ecosystem (connected vehicles, mobile applications, cloud solutions) to establishing true end to end security spanning the entire service