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Company size (employees)100 to 499
Headquarters RegionNorth America


Valimail stops fraudulent email (both inbound and outbound) with two breakthrough, patented sender identity products. For outbound email, Valimail Enforce provides complete automation for email authentication based on industry standards (DMARC, SPF, DKIM). Companies protected with Enforce can’t be impersonated by attackers pretending to send messages “from” that company (regardless of whether those attacks are directed at employees, customers, or partners). For inbound email, Valimail Defend is an automated identity-based solution, powered by the largest clearinghouse of trusted senders in the industry, that authenticates sender identity to keep fraudulent emails out of employees’ inboxes. Unlike solutions that leverage complex technology to inspect the contents of emails or analyze sender behavior, Valimail targets the root of the problem: fake sender identity. Traditional approaches to email security are often ineffective against these impersonation-based email attacks, which account for the explosion in business email compromise (BEC) over the past few years. As part of a layered security approach, Valimail closes the “identity gap” left by content-centric security approaches. Valimail is the only provider that guarantees getting email authentication (DMARC) to a policy of enforcement, and because Valimail Enforce does not extract, process, or store personal information, it is the only FedRAMP-authorized solution for DMARC enforcement, enabling governments to comply with regulations requiring that they implement email authentication. Trusted by leading brands such as Uber, Splunk, Yelp, the U.S. Federal Aviation Administration, and Fannie Mae, Valimail’s standards-compliant technology, provides an unrivaled one-click solution for email authentication to stop phishing attacks, increase deliverability, and protect organizations’ reputations. Valimail continues to drive industry efforts against phishing with leadership roles in the IETF and numerous global email standards-setting bodies developing next-generation email standards including DMARC 2.0, ARC, and BIMI. In short, Valimail is continuously advancing not only its own products but also the email security industry.

How we are different

- The explosion in business email compromise (BEC) losses in the past few years is driven by a simple fact: Attackers are using impersonation to exploit a fundamental weakness in existing email security systems: their inability to definitively validate sender identity. Valimail addresses this problem more effectively and completely than the competition.
- Valimail is the only provider of email authentication that guarantees its customers will reach DMARC enforcement - the point at which fraudulent emails are completely blocked - and 90% of its customers do so within months. This is a higher rate than any other DMARC provider on the market, a fact that can be verified by inspecting public DNS records
- Unlike most email security solutions, Valimail requires very few staff resources to implement and maintain: About 0.2 FTEs