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Company size (employees)10 to 49
Type of solutionCloud/SaaS


Valtix is the industry’s first Multi-Cloud Network Security Platform as a service, that provides robust multi-cloud network security that can be deployed in 5 minutes. The Valtix Multi-Cloud Security Platform enables proactive cloud defense while accelerating business agility through a unified approach to protecting public cloud app workloads in AWS, Azure, GCP, and Oracle clouds

The incumbent security vendors are primarily focused on operationalizing on-prem appliance oriented solutions in the cloud – using brittle scripting in the name of automation in the name of hybrid cloud. These compromises put organizations in jeopardy of breaches and introduce significant costs for maintenance. The Valtix makes advanced, cloud-first security nearly invisible, simple to deploy, and scalable on demand by using the network as the common visibility and control plane.

With the Valtix platform, enterprises achieve cloud security and compliance through advanced security controls such as network based segmentation, access limitation, intrusion prevention, anti-virus, and sensitive data detection. Additionally, Valtix’s platform enables dynamic policy through continuous insight into apps and infrastructure – thus tying together discovery of assets (visibility) with defense (protection).

Most importantly, the platform provides best-in-class security to protect organizations against today’s top cloud security threats.

How we are different

The Valtix platform differentiates from competitors by focusing on three key priorities:
- Valtix is the first and only multi-cloud network security platform that was built from the ground up to solve for the cloud. Others are focused on operationalizing on prem virtual firewalls using complex scripting and manual intervention that takes days or even weeks to adapt. Valtix has built substantial IP and has a patented approach that is cloud-native and able to move at the operational speed of the cloud - adapting in seconds.

- Valtix enables dynamic policy through continuous visibility of apps and infrastructure. Whereas, most competitors are just focused on operationalizing their legacy network point solutions in the cloud - using brittle scripting in the name of automation. These compromises put organizations in jeopardy of a major breach or outage and introduce significant costs in terms of maintenance. Unlike others, The Valtix platform makes advanced network security nearly invisible, is simple to deploy, and scales on demand.

- Agility: Valtix makes cloud security that adapts to your apps.Valtix consolidates network security management in one console, through a single dynamic policy framework across accounts, vnets, & cloud providers. Others are cloud provider specific.