vArmour Application Controller

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Company size (employees)50 to 99
Type of solutionHybrid


The vArmour Application Controller, with its Security Graph technology, helps organizations of all sizes address security risks inherent in multi-cloud environments. Many businesses do not understand what their blast radius is, and, by not understanding it, they can not protect themselves against threats, thus leaving their critical assets vulnerable to attackers. vArmour’s Application Controller will help organizations of all sizes understand and protect their multi-cloud environments and ensure continuous security and compliance, no matter what cloud environment they’re working in. As we begin to see more compliance regulations and cloud breaches, the need for this technology will increase exponentially. It is only a matter of time before another organization is hit with a major fine or faces another breach and, by utilizing vArmour’s Application Controller, that risk can be greatly reduced. This technology helps cloud and security teams gain a deeper understanding of application relationships across their diverse infrastructure, enabling centralized risk and policy management that is simple, accurate, and secure.

How we are different

1) The vArmour Application Controller is the only security solution that takes a graph-driven approach to cloud security. It auto-discovers applications, provides complete application relationship maps, computes intent-based security policies, and protects applications running across hybrid clouds – all without adding additional software agents. The technology integrates with Microsoft Azure, Amazon Web Services, and VMware NSX. An SDK is also available to integrate with other adjacent systems such as CMDBs, security agents, SDNs, and other cloud platforms.

2) A recent deployment of vArmour’s Security Graph technology into a customer’s Azure environment showed undeniable improvements in their visibility. The customer stated that they were blown away by the results, specifically how quickly the technology identified application relationships. After just a few minutes, vArmour was able to show tens of thousands of relationships that the customer was unaware of, thus exposing these dangerous blind spots and helping the customer efficiently and effectively secure their workloads. Recent data breaches have shown businesses the numerous amounts of unknown threats they are facing in their cloud environments, and vArmour’s Application Controller is helping to shine a light on those blind spots. Specifically, after the Capital One breach earlier this year, vArmour received numerous customer requests as businesses looked for ways to gain visibility into their network.

3) John Grady, an Analyst at Enterprise Research Group said, “Leveraging the rich context that can be gleaned from telemetry and the native controls of existing platforms across an enterprise is an innovative and effective approach to centralizing risk and policy management.” The vArmour Security Graph technology has been incredibly beneficial to new and existing customers as they take on securing their multi-cloud environments.