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Company size (employees)50 to 99
Headquarters RegionNorth America


Veriato is the world’s premier insider threat security platform with thousands of clients in over 100 countries. Veriato’s infinitely scalable platform protects small businesses, multinational corporations and governments agencies in their effort to combat fraud and protect their critical data, including customer PII, patient records and intellectual property.

Veriato’s AI powered endpoint agents continually monitor all user behavior to identify and alert on behavioral anomalies that signal a possible threat (UEBA). Veriato’s AI and machine learning continually watch and analyze email, chats, applications, network usage, web usage, document tracking, geolocation, psycholinguistics and more.

Additionally, once an alert is triggered, Veriato empowers security teams to quickly investigate by looking back in time with our DVR Time-Capsule technology (UAM). They can see the user’s actual on-screen actions when playing back the screen shot videos (desktop or mobile device) to determine if the unusual actions are innocent, a dangerous mistake or a malicious act. If a breach is discovered, Veriato allows security to shut down email, chat and web access for that user, blocking the transmission of the compromised data outside of the organization.

With up to 71% of US workers unhappy in their jobs and 51% of CISOs listing insider threats as their biggest concern, it’s no wonder that corporations using Veriato have saved hundreds of millions of dollars and successfully used Veriato screenshot videos to prosecute malicious insiders.

In the last three years alone, Veriato has been recognized by Info Security for global excellence, SC Magazine for computer forensics, Top Ten Reviews for employee monitoring, American Business Awards for Security Product or Service of the Year, Cybersecurity Excellence Awards for endpoint security and Interop ITX for data and analytics.

How we are different

Veriato combines User & Entity Behaviour Analytics (UEBA), User Activity Monitoring (UAM) and incident response into a single powerful insider threat security platform.

Because Veriato watches and records the users’ actual onscreen actions, we don’t have to speculate or try and deduce the what happened when a breach is detected. Additionally, this video visualization becomes a crucial part of the evidence chain when prosecution is warranted.

Veriato’s proactive approach powered by advanced AI and machine learning constantly analyses the actions of all users across an organization to pinpoint areas of concern and potential risk. This proactive approach not only massively maximizes security team efficiency, it also dramatically increases their effectiveness in spotting insider threats.