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Company size (employees)100 to 499
Headquarters RegionEurope


Verimatrix has transformed the company into a leading cybersecurity innovator that protects digital content, applications and devices with intuitive, people-centered security. Harnessing its long history in protecting Hollywood and other high-value entertainment content, Verimatrix has successfully expanded its operations to include comprehensive, intuitive cybersecurity solutions for the connected world.^

Many of the world’s leading brands in finance, healthcare and automotive now rely upon Verimatrix XTD (Extended Threat Defense) technologies to defend against potentially devastating endpoint attacks. The brand has enjoyed an ever-increasing presence in the cybersecurity arena, including through sponsorships surrounding leading esports teams and other well-known organizations. Via powerful monitoring on apps, APIs and unmanaged devices, Verimatrix XTD technologies help companies consistently identify blind spots and prevent firewall intrusions. Expanding defenses beyond the traditional perimeter, Verimatrix’s zero code cybersecurity solutions close the open door tin most enterprise security walls – leading the brand to greatly expand its presence into far more sectors.


How we are different

- Billions of video viewership cybersecurity licenses served from Verimatrix’s new Secure Delivery Platform in less than 1 year since launch ^

- Verimatrix has 500 million clients across devices

- Verimatrix was named a featured vendor in the Gartner Hype Cycle for Application Security 2022, whereby Verimatrix cybersecurity technologies protect the connections between enterprises and their end user customers by shielding and monitoring mobile apps, APIs and unmanaged devices.^^

^ now protects more than