Viettel DDoS Protection Solution

Additional Info

CompanyViettel Cyber Security Company
Company size (employees)100 to 499
Type of solutionHybrid


Viettel DDoS Protection Solution is an award-wining and comprehensive solution to mitigate DDoS attacks, hereby protects and ensures business continuity for the infrastructure and customers of an Internet Service Provider (ISP). Our solution delivers four core modules: Detection, Diversion, Mitigation and Portal.

• Powerful Detection and Mitigation Capabilities : Our solution quickly detects and mitigates both inbound and outbound Volume-based DDoS attacks, including various types of attacks: TCP stack attack (SYN Flood, FIN, RST, ACK, SYN-ACK…), Volumetric Attacks (UDP Flood, ICMP Flood…), Reflection/Amplification Flood Attacks (ICMP, DNS, mDNS, Memcached, SSDP, NTP, Chargen…), Fragmentation (Teardrop), Invalid packets, application attacks (HTTP GET/POST Flood, HTTP Slowloris, DNS flood, SIP flood…). In particular, our solution effectively detects most of popular Volume-Based DDoS attacks in less than three minutes and delays packet passing through filter less than 3ms. Our DDoS Protection solution performs a strong resistance strength to large volume attacks, up to hundreds of Gbps.

• Diversion: BGP speaker runs BGP with edge routers to signal diverting traffic via Scrubbing Center for cleaning or BGP Flowspec signaling to mitigate DDoS at the edge.

• Easy to use and User-friendly interface portal for administrator and customers: A portal for monitoring and processing attacks provides a friendly interface for customers to monitor and look up detailed information about attacks that have been and are happening.

• Automated alert and notifications: Our solution is built for fast response and real-time alert to customers by Email, SMS and Portal as soon as attack is detected.

Since first time being released to the market in 2017, Viettel DDoS Protection Solution has provided over 2,000 customers from small to large scale, including financial services, telecommunications, airlines and government in Vietnam.

How we are different

• Cutting-edge technologies to detect DDoS attacks
By leveraging Deep Packet Inspection, Profiling and Machine Learning technologies, our DDoS mitigation delivers strong capability against hundreds types of inbound and outbound attacks. In particular, scrubbing center with Multi Any-cast Scrubbers which can be easily added new scrubbers to existing cluster for expanding capacity by load-share traffic between every Scrubbers. Diversion use BGP Flowspec for mitigation at the edge which can mitigate the attacks up to hundreds of Gbps.
Applying DPI technology, the scrubber can handle attacks using multi-vector, including: Volume Based attacks (UDP flood, ICMP flood, DNS/NTP amplification...), Protocol attacks (TCP stack (SYN Flood, ACK Flood, FIN Flood), Application attacks: HTTP GET/POST Flood, HTTP SLOWLORIS, SIP flood, DNS Flood, SSL flood attack etc.
In addition, Viettel DDoS Protection Solution proactively joins the fight against world-wide DDoS attacks with other ISPs around the world by blocking botnets from Viettel Network or signaling BGP Flowspec with other ISPs.

• Automated detection and mitigation at speed
Our solution automatically detects and mitigates Volume-based DDoS attacks in less than 2 minutes. The entire process, features are 100% automated.

• Ease of use, deployment and capacity upgrade

All solutions are self-developed by Viettel Group based on server hardware, so it can be easily provided to other ISPs to deploy or expand the capacity of the Anti DDOS system. In addition, our solution can be flexibly customized according to customer requirements for all modules. Our professional 24/7 operation, monitoring and support ensure business continuity and system operation for customers.