Viettel Enterprise Mobility Suite

Additional Info

CompanyViettel Cyber Security Company
Company size (employees)100 to 499
Headquarters RegionAsia
Type of solutionSoftware


– Type of solution: Zero Trust Network Access
– Year this product or service was first introduced to the market: 2018

Viettel Enterprise Mobility Suite is the leading Zero Trust Network Access provider that delivers the most comprehensive Software-Defined Premier solution for dynamic customers in five countries including Vietnam, Myanmar, Peru, Haiti and Laos.

Our company defined a long-term mission to accelerate Zero Trust journey. In fact, traditional VPNs, so-called Next gen firewalls and Network Access Control do not fit requirements of perimeter-less and centralized organizations.

Viettel Enterprise Mobility Suite implements Software-Defined-Perimeter, a network security model that dynamically provide on-demand, provisioned and air-gapped networks. Unlike other ZTNA vendors, our product complies with the Continuous Adaptive Risk and Trust Assessment (CARTA) by Gartner and the Cloud Security Alliance’s SDP by CSA Research, in which we deliver five main capabilities:
– Identity-Centric: Users, organization units and groups management, LDAP integration, Multifactor Authentication (TOTP, SMS OTP, Email OTP, FIDO2)
– Zero Trust Model & Flexible access policy: Context-aware access based on identity entities (users, organization units, groups), devices, time, location.
– Device Security: Device security posture assessment and Mobile device management
– User and Entity behavior analytics (UEBA): Detect anomalous behavior and assign risk score to secure all application activities for advanced threat response.
– Cloud Native and Cloud Scale: Completely distributed and deployed on cloud environment.

Viettel Enterprise Mobility Suite is a high cost saving solution, replacing legacy VPN infrastructure and offering competitive cost and capabilities compared to other ZTNA vendors, thereby fully secures enterprises in the age of remote-working and bring-your-own-devices. For 3 years, Viettel Enterprise Mobility Suite has reached 100,000 users and monitored 120,000 devices in 05 countries with the aim to accelerate Zero Trust and ensure access security in an age of cyberwarfare.

How we are different

- Provide a streamlined experience and seamless integration: Viettel Enterprise Mobility Suite can reduce cost and efforts to configure third-party access and privileged user supports legacy applications (TCP and UDP) by continuously performing Device health-check and Device policy compliance, allowing enterprise to leverage existing security infrastructure.

- Flexible, Scalable and Rapidly deployed cloud-based solution: Viettel Enterprise Mobility Suite is designed to protect all cloud resources and assets. We deliver flexible deployment model to fit any architecture for a short time.

- Enhanced security at the core of solution: Our solution leverages Machine Learning technology and built-in User and Entity Behavior Analytics capability to monitor user behaviors. Following Indentity Incident Response model, our solution integrate in-house SOAR system to automatically response to user-compromised attacks. We proactively approach 360-degree security model upon Gartner’s Continuous Adaptive Risk and Trust Assessment framework, hereby significantly reduce network attack surface and limit lateral movement.