Viettel Threat Intelligence

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CompanyViettel Cyber Security Company
Company size (employees)100 to 499
Headquarters RegionAsia
Type of solutionService


“Viettel Threat Intelligence is one of the leading providers of Threat Intelligence solutions in APAC with the aim to keep up with ever-changing threat situations and intelligence-driven cybersecurity age.
After 10 years of experiences in cybercrime investigation worldwide, Viettel Cyber Security established Intelligence R&D Centre, providing comprehensive ecosystem protection based on our exclusive cyber intelligence with the Viettel Threat Intelligence platform and service in 2020. In general, our solution automatically collects and reconciles data from open source, third-party organizations, government, dark web, forum and exclusive sources from Viettel Hunting Team in order to warn threats, including new vulnerabilities, techniques to bypass defenses, APT campaigns, malware, etc.

Our single platform provides advanced features to collect data, score risk and monitor keywords based on Machine Readable Threat Intelligence followed STIX/TAXII in order to speed detection and investigation. Thereby, Security Operation Team, Threat Analyst and CISO can quickly respond and prioritize relevant threats. Meanwhile, our Cyber Threat Intelligence supports holistic cyber defense approach in three levels: Strategic, Operational and Tactical (TTPs & IOCs). By leveraging Machine Learning and AI technology, our solution analyzed thousands of files, domain and URLs and 200 million events per day to indicate threat with an extremely high degree of accuracy.

Our Threat Intelligence service delivers not only intelligence insight but also value-added services like website take down service, Incident Diagnostic, threat analyst insights of Viettel cyber security experts and Brand monitoring. All of our alerts are sent to clients by notifications, email for less than 24 hours, thereby reduce false positives and missed alert.

For one year, we have detected more than 500,000 phishing domain, URL and 100 million user/password, files and data leaks. In addition, Viettel Threat Intelligence is one of the active members of anti-phishing and Incident response forums and organizations such as FIRST, APWG.

How we are different

- Exclusive threat data sources
Viettel Threat Intelligence is built on our company’s 10 years of experiences in cybercrime diagnosis and the largest Threat Intelligence center of Vietnam. As Viettel is recognized as the largest ISP in Vietnam and the 1st telecom operators of South East Asia, our Threat Intelligence solution actively collect exclusive data sources and have partnership with FIRST, APWG, National Cyber Security Center in Vietnam, Vietnam Computer Emergency Response Team. Meanwhile, our Threat Hunting team was named one of the best experts to deliver insightful intelligence and in-depth attack anlysis.

- AI-driven Threat Intelligence Platform with an end-to-end view of threats
Five main capabilities:
• Hunting, Investigation & Analytics Tools
• Threat Feeds (Category, Filtering & Scoring)
• Threat Priority
• Threat Actor Tracking (Diamond Model)
By integrating with more than 50 appliances, our solutions optimize threat intelligence data under a single platform to match information with MITRE ATT&CK and IoC, thereby proactively hunt early and relevant attack. We leverage Machine Learning and AI technology to priority threat aligned to organization’s security solutions (SIEM, SOAR, EDR) and gain deep insights of tactics, techniques and procedure.

- High accuracy service dedicated to client success
Our solution strongly focused on actionable threat insights and value-added services to empower security operation activities of clients. We commit MTTD, MTTR and 24/7 customer support to ensure our clients stay ahead of cyber threat. We currently offer Threat Intelligence service to a wide range of industries including: banking, financial institutions, energy, healthcare and government. We are one of the leading provider offer tailor-made services, including:
• Brand Monitoring & Protection
• Threat Hunting (Phishing, Malware, APT, Data Leak, Compromised System, Vulnerability)
• Fraud Hunting