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Company size (employees)10,000 or more
Type of solutionCloud/SaaS


VMware SASE is cloud-native secure access service edge platform that brings together the network performance benefits of SD-WAN, integrated security services delivered from the cloud, and the ability to support modern distributed applications. In doing so, it allows enterprises to build a platform that provides branch, home, and remote users more secure, optimized, and reliable access to modern applications deployed in public and private clouds, SaaS, or at the enterprise edge.

The uniqueness of the VMware approach is in its SASE points of presence (PoP), which are strategically distributed around the world and serve as an on-ramp to SaaS and other cloud services. The global footprint of VMware and partner PoPs deliver cloud-based networking and security services that scale customers’ SASE needs.

VMware SASE combines all components of SASE as defined by Gartner: software-defined wide area network (SD-WAN), zero trust network access (ZTNA), cloud web security (CWS), and artificial intelligence for IT operations (AIOps). VMware products for SASE include:

VMware SD-WAN – A cloud-delivered solution that optimizes application performance over any WAN link, simplifies WAN management, and enables security from branches to data centers and cloud locations.

VMware Secure Access – Combines industry-leading VMware SD-WAN and VMware Workspace ONE to extend the same onsite-like experience to remote mobile users on managed delivers, all based on the principle of ZTNA.

VMware Cloud Web Security – Leveraging and integrating secure web gateway (SWG), cloud access security broker (CASB), data loss prevention (DLP), URL Filtering, and remote browser isolation (RBI) into the VMware SASE PoP to provide secure, direct, and optimal access to SaaS and internet web access.
VMware Edge Network Intelligence offers an AIOps solution that provides AI/ML-enabled visibility from the WAN to branch and Wi-Fi/LAN to deliver actionable insights for performance assurance and a self-healing network.

How we are different

Cloud-first approach – The cloud-first architecture allows VMware to deliver network and security services to maintain very close proximity between users and applications for low-latency access. This helps deliver rich user experience for voice, video and other real-time applications that are extremely sensitive to latency. VMware SASE services are completely cloud-based, and easy to consume and scale.

Ease of management and rich end-user experience – Any on-premises component of the solution is automated with Zero Touch Provisioning. Cloud connectivity to nearest SaaS and IaaS provider is automatically discovered based on geo-proximity of the user. Policy configuration is centralized for agile implementation at all locations. Alignment between network policies and security policies eliminates human error and inconsistent policy enforcement. The solution has policies for over 3000 applications pre-configured so that IT does not encounter time-delay in migrating to the VMware SASE architecture. The solution ensures that users get a consistent experience, whether working from home, office, or on the move when accessing enterprise applications with VMware’s unique Dynamic Multi-Path Optimization (DMPO) capabilities to handle varying conditions in the underlying WAN and broad band network even when there is only one link. VMware addresses varying needs of users working from home depending on whether they are power users needing priority treatment for critical applications, or mobile users that need connectivity from any location.

Architectural flexibility in deploying security posture – Whether the enterprise wants to deploy firewall closer to the edge, use a third-party firewall as a virtual network function at the edge or direct enterprise application traffic to the data center firewall while sending SaaS and internet application traffic through Cloud Web Security, the solution offers considerable choices. This approach gives enterprise IT the latitude they need in a changing threat landscape.