Votiro: Revolutionizing CDR Technology

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Company size (employees)10 to 49
Type of solutionCloud/SaaS


Votiro serves as a trusted ally in helping enterprises increase their security posture and adhere to the Zero Trust security model. Votiro’s scalability, speed, and ability to offer open, API-based integrations with existing IT and application providers makes them the industry’s leading API-first Content Disarm and Reconstruction (CDR) solution provider. Not only can Votiro’s CDR solution neutralize file-borne threats and safeguard enterprise data, but it also helps users optimize their Zero Trust strategies: Votiro assumes all inbound files are malicious and proactively sanitizes every file.

Votiro’s Positive Selection® technology is not a new category of cyber defense; it is referred to as Content Disarm and Reconstruction (CDR). However, Votiro’s new and innovative approach both encompasses and goes beyond foundational CDR capabilities, making it the most advanced CDR solution available. The difference between Votiro’s technology and traditional CDR is significant and compelling. CDRs have traditionally been either (a) blockers of files, (b) content substitution (replace components of the file with something else), or (c) policy driven, or a combination of the three. The first two are safe, but enormously intrusive on business operations and depend heavily on security staff resources. The third isn’t even safe. In other words, CDR never really worked until Votiro’s Positive Selection® was developed and entered the cyber defense market.

Additionally, Votiro is built for speed, scale, and flexibility. A leader in the CDR category, Votiro can process the most file types of any vendor. Votiro’s cloud-based, open API and auto-scaling functionality allows for limitless scalability to seamlessly accommodate surges in file throughput. Votiro is tool-agnostic: Votiro’s open API fits into existing file flows seamlessly, including to/from applications and services like Amazon S3 bucket storage. Additionally, native integrations with remote browser isolation tools like Menlo Web Isolation and Broadcom Remote Browser Isolation strengthen the company’s Zero Trust Strategies.

How we are different

Votiro catches what other security technologies miss. Instead of scanning for known malware signatures, Votiro proactively disarms weaponized files before they enter the network and prevents virtually all attacks, ranging from unsophisticated commodity attacks to zero day attacks, including ransomware. By disarming files and retaining original functionality, business operations are assured and maintained.

Votiro has sanitized billions of files without a file-borne breach. Sophisticated, global enterprises have tested the product’s performance and found it meets 100% of their file safety requirements.

Votiro provides unparalleled speed, scale, and flexibility. Votiro’s cloud-based, open API and auto-scaling functionality allows for limitless scalability to seamlessly accommodate surges in file throughput. Votiro can sanitize an industry-leading 100,000+ files per hour; In total Votiro santizes billions of files per year.