Votiro – Secure File Transfer Without Hindering Productivity

Additional Info

Company size (employees)50 to 99
Headquarters RegionNorth America
Type of solutionCloud/SaaS


Votiro understands that files are the lifeblood of digital processes and proactively removes threats like malware and ransomware through our Content Disarm and Reconstruction-as-a-service technology. We empower organizations to receive safe and functional files, wherever and however files enter. Unlike other solutions, Votiro prioritizes secure business enablement to ensure files are sanitized at scale for high volume operations in milliseconds—the entire process is invisible to the end user—all while retaining complete file fidelity and usability.

Votiro helps businesses by solving these three challenges:
-Secure Remote Work Without Compromising Productivity: Ensures files are sanitized before being accessed by employees and partners (web downloads, email, and file shares).

-Secure File Interactions: Ensures files are sanitized within new digital processes (IT operations, FTPs, M2M).

-Secure Collaboration: Ensure files are sanitized when files cross data boundaries with third parties and in customer success, HR, legal, sales, and marketing (web uploads).

Votiro’s zero trust security architecture delivers safe files to users anywhere they’re accessed and proactively prevents evasive and unknown cyber threats. Votiro applies zero trust to a customer’s automated file processing or application-to-application file transfer process.

Major Votiro Cloud use cases include:
-Email: Protects the entire email channel and file attachments from malicious threats, without waiting for IT middle-men to unblock access. The product integrates with existing email security stacks and protects more than 160 types of files, from common business files to less common or industry-specific formats, including password- protected, zipped, and archival files.

-Web Browser: Enables employees to safely download files from Chrome and Edge browsers, without risk of hidden threat or breach.

-Web Applications: Ensures every file uploaded into the cloud or customer-facing portals are sanitized of all malicious activity. Users can enable high-volume acceptance of secure files and protect against malware entering cloud storage environments.

How we are different

-Votiro empowers secure user enablement. With productivity and security both crucial for business operations, Votiro has developed a solution that improves security without compromising productivity. Votiro’s solution doesn’t block, flatten or quarantine files. This saves the time of IT security professionals. All threats are eliminated and a safe, business-ready file is delivered to employees.

-Votiro’s scalability, speed, and variety of accepted file formats best positions them to help enterprises achieve file security. Files are processed at scale for high volume operations. The entire process happens within milliseconds for most files and is completely invisible to the end user. Additionally, Votiro sanitizes the most file types of any CDR vendor. Various organizations’ default max size for certain types of files, like PDFs, for example, is as small as 2MB. Some organizations do not support certain file types, although today, many organizations send very large files as a part of routine business. Even zip or password-protected files, often deemed “unscannable” by traditional security controls, are able to be sanitized of malware by Votiro. Votiro provides enhanced protection, regardless of the file size or type. This includes everything from common files, such as .ppt, .docs or PDFs, to obscure files that other solutions miss⁠.

-Votiro allows organizations to accept files from untrusted users without hidden risk or threat. Votiro ensures files are sanitized when they cross any network or data boundaries in customer success, HR, legal, sales & marketing​, via cloud, web uploads, or customer-facing portals.​