WatchGuard Technologies

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Company size (employees)500 to 999
Headquarters RegionNorth America


Over the past year, WatchGuard Technologies has continued to expand the definition of unified threat management through both ongoing in-house product development and strategic technology acquisitions. In August 2017, the company acquired Datablink and rapidly integrated the technology to roll out AuthPoint, its new cloud-based advanced multi-factor authentication (MFA) service designed for small and midsized businesses (SMBs) and distributed enterprises, and the VARs and MSSPs that support them. This is just one example of WatchGuard’s aggressive, laser-focused and customer-centric approach to product innovation. By rolling out valuable new cloud-based services like AuthPoint and DNSWatch, its phishing prevention solution, and offering new products that protect all threat vectors, WatchGuard continues to build on its well-established foundation in network security, and fundamentally redefine what customers and partners expect from unified threat management platforms.

WatchGuard recently launched Threat Detection and Response – a cloud-based subscription service added to WatchGuard’s UTM security suite this year. The solution uses ThreatSync, WatchGuard’s cloud-based correlation and threat scoring engine, to improve security awareness and response across the network to the endpoint. TDR integrates with WatchGuard APT Blocker’s powerful cloud sandboxing capabilities to extend analyses to individual devices outside the network. This solution decreases time-to-detection by enhancing visibility into both network and endpoint threats, ultimately empowering confident, swift remediation.

Additionally, the company recently released Wi-Fi Cloud, a secure, scalable and feature-rich Wi-Fi management platform and WIPS with the lowest false-positive rate on the market today. It turns Wi-Fi hot spots into invaluable consumer research, analytics and push marketing tools and makes fast, secure, and intelligent Wi-Fi accessible to organizations of any industry or size.

WatchGuard’s enterprise-level security solutions empower channel partners and customers to identify, isolate, and resolve a wide variety of security issues quickly, all within a widely deployable, easily managed package signed specifically for midmarket companies.

How we are different

 Through WatchGuard’s research and CTO thought-leadership, the company continues to drive market and consumer interest and education around emerging information security threats and trends.

 WatchGuard is constantly innovating its products – extending its portfolio of services beyond network security, to offer protection for authentication, phishing, endpoints and wireless environments. Simply put, the company is redefining what customers and solution providers expect from unified threat management platforms.

 WatchGuard actively reinforces its complete dedication to the company’s channel model by developing intuitive, innovative and enterprise-grade security solutions that VARs and MSSPs can use to build profitable, expansive managed security businesses, while being rewarded and incentivized to educate themselves on WatchGuard products and the latest information security threats.