White Ops Application Integrity

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CompanyWhite Ops
Company size (employees)100 to 499
Type of solutionSoftware


White Ops Application Integrity

Application and account takeover attacks are perhaps the largest challenge for fraud and security teams today. Contributing factors include rampant password reuse, low adoption of multi factor authentication, large data breaches provide readily available credentials to attackers. Most companies lack sophisticated bot detection to stop these automated attacks. White Ops Application Integrity stops them.

How we are different

White Ops Application Integrity

1) Never impact customer experience with low latency and near zero false positives so that real customers aren’t getting locked out of accounts

2) Flexible & Easy Integration Options including in-line blocking or Proxy and API driven implementation to make protecting new apps/instances easy

3) Identify bots with unrivaled accuracy and robust attack mitigation options including catch what WAFs / CDNs / other bot mitigation solutions are missing, not only block or allow traffic, but also deceive, slow / delay, tarpit / secondary challenge, and Rre-route / serve alternative content