White Ops Marketing Integrity

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CompanyWhite Ops
Company size (employees)100 to 499
Type of solutionSoftware


White Ops Marketing Integrity/Website Protection

Marketers are dedicating more resources than ever to drive potential customers to their websites. But how much of that traffic is not human? Sophisticated bots that look just like humans can skew website metrics, fill out contact forms, and lead to downstream losses in conversion rates and marketing spend. White Ops Marketing Integrity protects websites from sophisticated bot attacks helping marketers easily understand what percentage of their marketing efforts are reaching real humans, so that there’s no wasted time or money engaging with bots.

How we are different

White Ops Marketing Integrity

1) Enables brands to identify bot traffic, prevent fraudulent leads, spot fake information and match with CRM data to block fake contacts from entering sales and marketing systems,

2) Optimize conversions, increase conversion rates by maximizing engagement with humans, not bots, cut costs, eliminate wasted retargeting and sales activity on bot traffic,

3) Protect brand reputation, and avoid potential regulatory penalties by preventing fake contacts from entering your automated marketing system.