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Company size (employees)300+


WhiteHat Security approaches website security through the eyes of the attacker. We are the only ones that can do this at scale, because we use a combination of technology, 15 years of intelligence metrics, and the world’s largest team of security experts. We provide scalable security expertise that improves the efficiency and effectiveness of our customers’ security investments, covering the areas most prone to risk at a lower overall total cost of security than the competition.

Our entire approach mimics an attacker’s mindset. We perform assessments pit-crew style, which enables unparalleled efficiency and vulnerability coverage. Because we are assessing our customers’ websites all the time, we are able to collect and present data analytics essential to steadily and measurably improving their defenses.

This experience and expertise in application security is what enables WhiteHat Security to publish two yearly reports that are truly one-of-a-kind: the WhiteHat Security Statistics Report and the Top 10 Web Hacking Techniques. With years of data and analytics, WhiteHat is able to publish the Statistics Report, providing a yearly update regarding the constantly evolving state of application security across various industries. The Top 10 Web Hacking Techniques is an annual security community initiative driven by WhiteHat security experts. These reports are key to delivering information and value to security professionals around the world and across various industries.

WhiteHat Security provides a SaaS application security platform that provides customers with insight into their application infrastructure, helps them to evaluate risk, and ultimately protects them from security breaches. WhiteHat strives to be more than a security company. We are a strategic partner.

How we are different

• We are the only application security solution that combines advanced technology with human intelligence - always focused on real-world risk scenarios.

• WhiteHat Security approaches security through the eyes of the attacker. We help secure the web by finding application vulnerabilities, in the source code all the way through production, and help companies get them fixed, before the bad guys exploit them. Our Threat Research Center (TRC) is the world’s largest team of security experts, 150 and counting, available with unlimited access and functioning as an extension of the customers’ security team.

• We offer the lowest false positive rate in the industry and put our money where our mouth is. Breaking away from the ""as-is"" model, WhiteHat Security offers the first ever security guarantee with Sentinel Elite - a $500,000 insurance policy that covers damages in the event a vulnerability that we should have identified gets exploited.