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This company’s UNIX/Linux security software are the best on the market. It’s the first and only company that the security software has the most comprehensive detection capabilities for software based password/passphrase stealing attacks, including dtrace/probvue/normal systemtap, truss/strace/tusc, keylogger on putty.
Its FIM and intrusion detection software WZSysGuard is also better designed: it not only has the capabilities to detect most software based password/passphrase stealing attacks, but also will be made read-only on the protected machine, and has and mostly use its own system commands and libraries, so that even if the libc library on the system is replaced by a hacker, the hacker would still find it hard to fully change the behavior of the WZSysGuard software.

How we are different

1. The WZSysGuard is the best FIM and intrusion detection software in term of giving more accurate scan report when the machine is already hacked.
2. The CaclMgr is the best privilege delegation software for you to maintain good system security. It can detect most software based password stealing attacks, and it uses its own passphrase system for user authentication, so even if the user's system password is stolen, higher privilege is still well protected.
3. AutoSSH can protect private key's passphrase very well, it's the best software to against Trojan Horse attack on ssh, and can most efficiently against the openssh Ebury. When combine the AutoSSH and CaclMgr, a solution can be designed that will make the UNIX/Linux systems in data center much secure: all privileged accounts on the UNIX/Linux systems will be well protected.