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Company size (employees)10 to 49
Headquarters RegionEurope


Since 2014 XTN has focused on the development of security, Fraud and Mobile Threat Prevention advanced behaviour-based solutions. In 2016, our first solutions for the protection of financial transactions were released.

XTN’s mission is to help companies and institutions protect their businesses and their customers’ sensitive data through the adoption of award-winning Security, Fraud and Mobile Threat Prevention technologies.

Thanks to constant research and study of cybercrime attempts, XTN continues to lead the way in the development of security and antifraud behavioral advanced solutions for financial transactions (web and mobile transaction monitoring) and mobile applications (multi-layered threat protection on mobile and IoT devices) for some of the world’s most prominent and leading brands.

How we are different

- XTN technology combines maximum security levels with the most fluid user experience imaginable. Our solutions are always simple and quick to implement, frictionless to the end-user and specifically designed for the target technology so that as much detail as possible is obtained on threats that are typical for the specific environment.

- Our technology enables our clients to customize evaluation logics where required, while remaining in full compliance with specific internal policies

- Our approach does not involve the collection of sensitive data that would compromise user privacy; our technology is designed to the customer’s compliance requirements.