Additional Info

Company size (employees)50
Headquarters RegionNorth America


Founded in late 2014, ZENEDGE is a fast growing innovative cloud cybersecurity company. Its 100% cloud based cybersecurity platform with 5 pending patents in the areas of machine learning, bot detection and numerous awards for its marketing leading on-demand DDoS mitigation capabilities make the company worthy of the most innovate cloud cybersecurity company title. Achievements include:

* most comprehensive WAF with real time logs, best user portal interface and features
* fastest on-demand DDoS with under 60 seconds time-to-mitigate (from attack alert to full mitigation)
* market-leading, patent pending machine learning capabilities to reduce WAF training and security posture hardening from 45 days to under 1 day.
* market-leading malicious bot-detection and anti-scraping functionality, with advanced capabilities including human interaction challenge and device fingerprinting

How we are different

* Best-in-class, multi-tenant cloud cybersecurity platform designed with enterprise needs in mind
* Most comprehensive web application security platform with comprehensive admin portal, granular access to features and real time logs.
* Market-leading DDoS Layer 3-4, WAF and bot-detection (DDoS Layer 7)