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ZeroFOX protects organizations from the risks introduced by social networking and digital communication platforms. In an age of constant connectivity and social sharing, users have become the primary target for the adversary. By continuously monitoring social platforms for cyber attacks, information loss, social engineering campaigns, account compromise and fraud, ZeroFOX protects your people where they are most vulnerable. Leveraging cutting edge technology and proven security practices, ZeroFOX provides both targeted protection and global insights into the world of social media threats.

How we are different

• The industry standard automated platform for addressing the emerging social media threat vector -- detecting threats such as targeted phishing, customer scams, impersonations, fraud, social engineering, account takeover, and information loss.
• Proprietary scripting language, FoxScript, allows users code-level granular access to the inner workings of the product -- users can quickly develop scripts to address nearly any social media security use case.
• World’s first and only social media phishing assessment.