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The explosion of mobile devices has changed the way people live and work. With more business being conducted on the go, outside of the office, on Wi-Fi or cellular networks than ever before, the risk of targeted cyberattacks has increased significantly. Attackers have identified the weakest links in security programs are smartphones, and they are increasingly taking advantage of these devices penetrate enterprises. These smartphones often run outdated operating systems leaving confidential information such as email, customer data, access to corporate Wi-Fi networks and physical access vulnerable to attacks.

Zimperium Mobile Threat Protection is the only enterprise mobile security solution delivering continuous and on-device threat detection to stop mobile cyberattacks. Zimperium’s patented machine-learning algorithms protect against the broadest array of device, network and application attacks. Zimperium provides intelligent mobile threat forensics and vulnerability risk reports to enterprise security teams. Security teams use the mobile threat forensics to identify who at the company is being attacked, where, when and through what method.

Over the past year, Zimperium’s innovative research has helped to improve the safety of the mobile computing environment. Researchers at Zimperium zLabs discovered the Stagefright vulnerability exposing over 950 million devices to remote unassisted attacks carried through MMS messages. Zimperium’s Mobile Threat Protection was recognized by the Telecom Council of Silicon Valley as the 2015 SPIFFY recipient of the San Andreas Most Disruptive Technology Award. As part of its ongoing mission, Zimperium continues to research and discover both iOS and Android vulnerabilities to help improve the security of the entire mobile ecosystem.

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• Advanced Mobile Security Research

• Market's Only On-Device Threat Detection

• Intelligent Mobile Threat Forensics