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Company size (employees)1 to 9
Headquarters RegionNorth America


Zintel Public Relations is proud to have just recently celebtrated 20 years as an award-winning cybersecurity PR firm. Based in Houston, Texas, Zintel PR has continually represented publicly traded cybersecurity companies since its founding. Also representing startups and related IT non-profits, the agnecy has successully placed media coverage in national as well as niche media outlets, ultimately boosting awareness while also created valuable sales tools for clients.

At Zintel PR, clients appreciate a unique “idea factory” approach to cybersecurity media relations that doesn’t put the burden on the client to create the full narrative. Agency experts provide options that can be fine tuned with client-agency planning and professionally executed. Zintel PR’s team of media relations and content creation experts know how cybersecurity journalists like to be approached and how to streamline the process for all. Journalists frequently describe Zintel PR as fast, knowledgeable, helpful and professional.

How we are different

- Numerous Successful Exits: With messaging guidance from Zintel PR, cybersecurity companies have become reocognized innovators, outpaced competitors, transformed executives into thought leaders, experienced successful IPOs, and have been collectively acquired for billions. Zintel PR has played a role in more than 14 exits. That's not always the goal, but it's a frequent indicator of a firm's level of involvement and assistance.

- Fully Customized Service: Zintel Public Relations' expert representatives shares client stories with highly targeted audiences by developing a strategic plan that utilizes services such as precise media relations, thought leadership, analyst relations and clear content creation. A customized approach has helped countless cybersecurity clients increase their footprint as well as their ongoing revenue.

- Results-Oriented Partnership: Zintel PR noticeably transforms its client stories into news articles that reach audiences that matter. The Zintel PR team feels like an extension of your marketing department that's proud to have earned the reputation as a true partner delivering uniquely effective public relations programs designed to bring cybersecurity products, services and executives the increased visibility they clearly deserve.