Acceptto Continuous Behavioral Authentication

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Company size (employees)10 to 49
Type of solutionCloud/SaaS


Acceptto Artificial Intelligence Machine Learning (AIML)-powered Continuous Behavioral Authentication™ platform uses a mixture of AIML expert systems and behavioral modeling. Our product delivers radically transformative technology to mitigate identity impersonation and access fraud, while reducing friction for legitimate users, both in a cost-effective way. Our technology analyzes & verifies user identity and behavior by inferring contextual data to deliver a higher level of platform trust through pre-auth intelligence, during-auth risked-based context aware auth and most importantly, post-authorization anomaly detection and continuous authentication.

At the core of the Acceptto’s Continuous Behavioral Authentication™ platform is eGuardian®, the intelligent risk and policy engine that drives the convergence of physical identity and digital user DNA towards the creation of a resilient immutable identity. The It’sMe™ single sign-on (SSO) solution for web, mobile and enterprise applications, relieves users from the challenges of passwords by eliminating passwords resets and reuse, and neutralizing account takeovers.

Acceptto eliminates the reliance on weak and outdated controls to continuously analyze behaviors and definitively verify legitimate user identity access across all platforms – leaving bad actors who have evolved well beyond such existing technologies, in the dust.

Acceptto’s recent verifications and integrations only continue to enhance our platform. The recent Citrix Ready verification for the Continuous Behavioral Authentication solution makes it easier for customers to identify complementary products and solutions that enhance Citrix environments, while increasing authentication requirements for unprecedented users.

Our integration with Central Authentication Service (CAS) to extend its Single Sign-On (SSO) initiative, has also added support for both multifactor authentication and QR passwordless authentication at login and post-authorization.

How we are different

The Behavioral Model: Acceptto prevents threat actors from initiating data breaches and detects bad behavior pre-, during and post-authorization. This is superior to the traditional binary-authentication which include 2FA and MFA solutions - that our predecessors and competitors offer and have proven to be insufficient – just take a look at the headlines.
The Platform: The unified platform for mobile, web, workstation applications and IoT provides easy and frictionless enrollment, pre-auth intelligence, support for context-aware risked-based authentication and continuous behavioral authentication by ingesting data from enterprise data assets already in-play.
The People: Our dedicated team is built of principal AIML research scientists who worked on the human brain project, top security architects from leading security companies who focus on identity management and encryption, as well as a C-Suite co-founder, CTO and CEO that has over 60 years of product research and development, experience designing ten Intel microprocessors, and more than 100 issued and pending patents and publications. Proudly, our clients-partners are made up of forward thinking CEOs, CIOs and CSOs who have joined the journey to drive a paradigm shift in identity access management.