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Company size (employees)10 to 49
Headquarters RegionNorth America


CyberTraining 365 led the Cybersecurity training circle and key highlights for 2016 were:
1) Launched over 1000+ hours of Cybersecurity Training content
2) Trained students from more than 160 countries
3) Announced $1 Million in scholarships
4) Over 25,887 students enrolled thru Udemy channel
5) Over 20000 new students enrolled thru StackSocial and Other Affiliate online channels.

How we are different

CyberTraining 365 is changing how CyberSecurity professionals get trained. We have the fastest growing library of CyberSecurity content which includes: Courses, Learning paths, e-papers, Research Blogs and much more. Our Course catalog is ever-growing and most up-to-date with over 1200 hours of content

CyberTraining 365 pledged $1 Million in scholarships, Biggest giveaway for a small business in 2016. CyberTraining 365 announced its CyberVet365 and is partnering with Veteran organizations, minority organizations and other non-Profit organizations to spread CyberSecurity education and training. We have pledged another $100,000 to Minority and Women organization in Year 2016 and 2017.

CyberTraining 365 also launched its most innovative Data Security and Privacy Awareness training along with Phishing Simulator. With our state of the art Phishing, Smishing, Double barrel techniques we are able to identify the weak links in an organization, give them custom training and effectively convert them to strong defenders. This unique training is a custom training and had over 200 phishing templates and 20 hours of Privacy training.