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Company size (employees)50 to 99
Headquarters RegionNorth America


Cybrary is the premier cybersecurity professional development platform, providing the collective knowledge of the industry’s top experts and leading organizations to equip security professionals with both the knowledge and skills to achieve their career goals.

How we are different

Cybrary helps organizations close the cybersecurity skills gap and build a cybersecurity-enabled workforce by:
- Ensuring your team’s knowledge and skills are up to date and employees understand how they can grow through on-demand training and role-based curriculums.
- Helping set the foundation for organizations to move towards a proactive training model that adapts to emerging trends and new technologies.
- Leveraging Cybrary's platform containing the only Cybersecurity focused training catalog on the market today with 300+ on-demand video courses, 500+ hands-on virtual labs, 400+ assessments and practice tests, personalized curriculums, and a dedicated customer success manager for each client.