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Company size (employees)10 to 49
Type of solutionCloud/SaaS


DriveStrike focuses on securing devices and preventing data breaches. The main features – Remote Wipe, Remote Lock, Geolocation, Encryption support, and Device Policy management – enable administrators to protect devices remotely when they are lost, stolen, or otherwise compromised.

Remote Wipe provides the capability to destroy all data on a machine to prevent a threat actor from accessing sensitive data. Having the option to wipe a device remotely is a no-brainer for any organization that handles confidential information. DriveStrike Remote Wipe is fast and effective, allowing administrators to have peace of mind when a device goes missing.

Remote Lock prevents unauthorized access to a device through a variety of options depending on the operating system. A remote lock can require the existing passcode to unlock a device, allow creation of a new passcode, or disable unlocking completely except through DriveStrike. Locking a device, while not as decisive as a remote wipe, is an important capability to have in situations where data loss would be more injurious than a breach.

Geolocation enables pinpointing a device’s location in order to make decisions for further action. Tracking devices is important for a multitude of business needs, not the least of which is making sure the data contained on a device is safe. Locating a missing device is the first step to securing it and preventing data compromise.

Encryption is a vital part of endpoint security. DriveStrike makes it simple to manage encryption keys for BitLocker on Windows machines, and supports integration with VeraCrypt.

Mobile device policy management gives admins greater control over the apps and security of devices. DriveStrike provides extensive options for Android app management, including custom configuration and whitelisting. Device security settings such as lock screen permissions and passcode requirements allow admins to further customize device usage to fit their security needs.

How we are different

• User-Friendly - DriveStrike is ideal for any use case, regardless of how tech savvy the administrator is. The online console is easy to navigate, and executing commands is simple and intuitive. Ease of use is key to timely and effective security.
• Affordable - DriveStrike is priced per device, with the price going down the more devices there are subscribed. This makes quality endpoint protection affordable for individuals, enterprises, and all in between.
• Support - DriveStrike customer support is unparalleled in the cybersecurity industry. Fast and reliable support is absolutely essential for effectively protecting remote devices.