Fortanix Confidential-AI

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Company size (employees)100 to 499
Type of solutionService


Fortanix Confidential AI is a software and infrastructure subscription service that leverages Fortanix’s industry-leading confidential computing to improve the quality and accuracy of data models, as well as to keep data models secure. With Fortanix Confidential AI, data teams in regulated, privacy-sensitive industries such as healthcare, fintech and financial services can utilize private data to develop and deploy richer AI models.

Fortanix Confidential-AI had been specifically designed keeping in mind the unique privacy and compliance requirements of regulated industries, as well as the need to protect the intellectual property of the AI models. Fortanix Confidential AI is offered as an easy-to-use and deploy software and infrastructure subscription service. Unlike traditional AI solutions that focus on accelerating modeling processes, Fortanix Confidential AI helps build richer models and protect the IP as well. It alleviates concerns of exposing private data by running datasets in secure enclaves and provides proof of execution in a trusted execution environment for compliance purposes.

As AI becomes more and more prevalent, one thing that inhibits the development of AI applications is the inability to use highly sensitive private data for AI modeling. Data teams instead often use educated assumptions to make AI models as strong as possible. Fortanix Confidential AI leverages confidential computing to allow the secure use of private data without compromising privacy and compliance, making AI models more accurate and valuable. Equally important, Confidential AI provides the same level of protection for the intellectual property of developed models with highly secure infrastructure that is fast and easy to deploy.

How we are different

- Fortanix Confidential AI is the first of its off the shelf confidential computing solution specifically for richer AI model development and protection of the IP, with the ability to use/share real sensitive data in a trusted execution environment
- Fortanix Confidential AI can be deployed very quickly as it is offered as a SaaS solution
- Hardware backed proof of execution and audit logging ensures compliance and regulations around data privacy