Immersive Labs Cyber Workforce Resilience Platform

Additional Info

CompanyImmersive Labs
Company size (employees)100 to 499
Headquarters RegionNorth America
Type of solutionCloud/SaaS


Immersive Labs’ Cyber Workforce Resilience platform empowers organizations to exercise, benchmark, upskill and prove the cyber resilience across the workforce. The platform allows organizations and security leaders to demonstrate true confidence in their workforce and security team’s cyber resilience by testing, measuring, and optimizing cyber knowledge, skills, and judgment all in one. Some of the main business outcomes organizations can anticipate are reduced cyber risk and faster decision-making and response times, proven resilience measured by performance data and mapped to industry frameworks, and stronger compliance to meet regulatory and other requirements.

How we are different

1.) Immersive Labs’ Cyber Workforce Resilience platform offers three main solutions: organizational exercises (engaging attack scenarios for executive decision-makers), technical exercises (realistic technical simulations to collaboratively exercise capabilities), and hands-on labs (hands-on technical training for multiple audiences). The result? Comprehensive reports that prove capability including MITRE coverage, organizational capability matrices, benchmarking against others in their industry, crisis simulation scores, risk reporting, and technical performance. The company provides significant breadth and depth of content, offering over 1,900 hands-on challenges for beginners through the most advanced cybersecurity professionals, across topics such as threat hunting, reverse engineering, secure coding, and more. The latest Cyber Threat Intelligence Labs enable teams to understand and defend against new threats or attacks in as little as 24 hours.

2.) The Cyber Workforce Resilience platform helps develop human cyber capability with three core benefits:

- It helps equip entire organizations with role-specific cyber knowledge, skills, and judgment, at scale, with minimal management. Progressive learning environments plug gaps in knowledge using scalable content experiences tailored to each individual dependent on role and business risk.

- The platform allows organizations to test current resilience against emerging threats with purpose-built, organization-wide cyber experiences.

- It also offers benchmarked peer data and common industry frameworks such as MITRE|ATT&CK®, for organizations to map human capability to risk.

3.) Despite the fact that humans are heavily targeted by threat actors as a point of cyber weakness, improving human capabilities is often overlooked, compared to security technology. Immersive Labs’ Cyber Workforce Resilience platform addresses this critical weakness by creating realistic and engaging training labs that enable personnel at every level of the organization to test their strength in a security emergency, and gather actionable data on their cyber resilience.